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The Grateful Dead Alpine Valley Deadheads

Excerpt from the television show “The 90’s.”
In “Love on $14,” Steve Martini and James McCarthy
spend three days at Alpine Valley Amphitheater in
East Troy, Wisconsin interviewing Deadheads like
Jeffrey Lotus Heart about their dedication to the
Grateful Dead. You can watch the full episode here:

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Deadheads on the Road

Deadheads on the Road By David Leinweber, 2010
Performed by Silverbird Outside in the parking lot
theyre feeling fine And the sun is mellow golden in
the evening shine And the vans they keep on filing
in here row by row Every parking lot’s a party at a
Deadhead show Heres a freak from California in the
good old days He remembers Wavy Gravy, remembers
Purple Haze Hes talking to some kid whos barely
seventeen It doesnt matter where you come from in
the Deadhead scene And Brother Bear the Rainbow
Keepers on the go He’s always got the time for another
Deadhead show And his old lady smiling right there by
his side Cause following the Dead is such a long, strange
ride And Steve is selling T-shirts in the parking lot Hell
trade you homemade Tie-dye for what you have got And
Susie’s selling candles — shes still looking fine She’s been
following the Dead since back in 69 And Little John keeps
smiling, grinning ear to ear Hes not quite sure what day it
is, or month or year Hes swaying to the music out of space
and time I guess thats the way the man is going to spend his
prime And Anns been such a good girl from the way back
when She still calls her Mama every now and then Right now
shes out there dancing while the drummers sing Cause when
her tribe starts dancing thats the only thing Well that show in
Indiana it got out of hand We dont need you whiskey rowdies
in the Deadhead Land So take it nice and easy when you go through

town Or the police they will shut the Deadhead nation

davidleinweber on 2013/01/08 03:48:25
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